Project CARS 2

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Developer: Slightly Mad Studios
Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment
Platform: PS4, XBO, PC
Release Date: September 22, 2017
Genre: Racing
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​Experience the adrenaline of motorsport with Project CARS 2. Choose your career path and drive any car, anytime, anywhere, off- and-online, against both in-class competitors and other classes too.

Project CARS 2 features the largest track roster ever seen on console. All with dynamic time of day, weather, seasonal conditions, and powered by LiveTrack 3.0.

LiveTrack 3.0 brings a never-before-seen level of integration between the conditions, the racing surface, and vehicle physics. Barometric pressure, ambient & track temperature, height above sea level, weather, wind, and time of day all have a direct influence over engine performance, aerodynamics, cooling from the radiator, brakes, and tire behaviour.

The addition of fluid dynamics means that rainfall will now saturate the surfaces on which it falls; and if the surface type can’t absorb the rate of falling water, it will pool up and begin to run downhill where, eventually, it will find a low spot and form a puddle. Along with a dynamic drying line, and the ability to spread loose material from outfield areas onto the track, drivers are going to be closer to the environment of motor-racing than ever before.

Online Championships is a brand-new game mode in Project CARS 2 allowing players to create a league-format championship consisting of sequential rounds - each with individually-set sessions, format, duration, conditions, and location.

With Project CARS 2, we've built Esports in from day one, with Competitive Racing License accreditation, improvements to Race Marshalling, dedicated Director and Broadcaster functionality, and the ability to stream and watch live games.

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