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Detroit: Become Human

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Developer: Quantic Dream
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Platform: Playstation 4
Release Date:
Website: http://www.quanticdream.com/en/#!/en/category/detroit

Set in the near future where Androids have been invented and are changing the fabric of society.

E3 Reveals & Announcements
[edit | edit source]

JUNE 13, 2016: [SCREENSHOTS][edit | edit source]

JUNE 13, 2016: [ARTWORK][edit | edit source]

JUNE 13, 2016: [Detroit Become Human - E3 2016 Trailer | PS4][edit | edit source]

Here's the E3 2016 premiere trailer for Detroit Become Human.

JUNE 13, 2016: [SONY @E3][edit | edit source]

Sony entertained with a live orchestra and a show laser-focused on what we all wanted: the games. Watch the entire Sony Press Conference right here!