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E3 is the world's premier trade show for computer and video games, as well as their related products. Unlike many trade shows and conventions which are open to the general public, E3 is an exclusive, industry-only event. Those in attendance are required to verify a professional connection to the video game industry.

The E3 2014 Curse Awards

Click above to see who we've honored this year at E3!

Stay tuned from June 10-12 for this wiki to be populated with updates and coverage directly from the Curse team on the floor at E3.

If you’re going to be at E3 this year make sure to visit Curse at booth number 2547 in the South Hall! View our complete Curse E3 Booth Schedule right here on Gamepedia.



Andrew from Curse interviews Dodger about her initial impressions of the E3 press conferences, favorite upcoming game and much more.

Quick recap of the biggest game reveals, moments and highlights from the E3 press conferences of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.

Andrew talks to Quas, Xpecial, VoyBoy, & IWillDominate at Curse's E3 booth.